I'm Michele Hecken.

 I came. I saw. I conquered...and I can relate.

Like all entrepreneurs, I have been stuck. I have been frustrated. I have procrastinated and felt guilty about it. I have expected perfection from myself right out of the gate. I have tried to solve every problem alone. And I have coached entrepreneurs just like me.

What I have learned through all of my missteps, trials as well as my successes is that there really is no separation between life and business, only between what you love to do and loathe to do.

I create clarity with my clients to help them minimize doing what they loathe doing to >1% in all areas of life, while building and growing a thriving business.

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?


How it works:


  • We start by creating a Vivid Life Vision, mapping out all aspects of what you want your life and business to look and feel like. That is delicious and gets us both charged up!
  • Next, we create a visual version of your Fun & Fearless Life and Business.
  • We can then assess the gaps between your current life/business and ideal life/business in all aspects using some simple but cool tools.
  • This makes it easy for us to set priorities and goals and track progress during every session.
    We always take a wholistic view of all aspects of your life (personal, family/business/community). It’s all about harmony!
  • We are open and honest, or else, what is the point?


I'm on it...all you have to do is show up and commit

Life changes, businesses grow. So while we have a solid framework in place, you always have full control of what you want to achieve and talk about in each session.

We will take stock and evaluate every three months, set new goals as necessary, and move forward with clarity and passion.

I make it easy. You do not need more on your plate! I will manage the process and track your progress.

What you really need to know is that I am passionate about helping you to create your best life and thriving business. We will get there together.


  1. Work/life balance is bullshit. It is dishonest.
  2. Let go of control and be hands off. It may take a while to get the hang of this, but it is so worth it.
  3. Quick and easy decisions move you toward a fun and fearless life.
  4. Do it your way!
  5. Be mindful of your mental load. The “always on” pressure brings burnout.
  6. Stop giving so many shits! Overthinking can kill your performance and creativity.

Get to Know Me

  • I believe that, for entrepreneurs, there is no real separation between life and business! You are either doing what you love or not.
  • I can help you spend 99 % of your life doing things you love and only 1% or less on things you do not!
  • I’ve been there - done that! 8 Figure Global Serial Entrepreneur
  • Founded, grew and sold my multi-million-dollar business while working less than 20 hours a week and living a very fun life
  • Transformational Coach and Mentor to high-achieving Entrepreneurs
  • Angel Investor in companies with a mission to change the world in a meaningful way
  • EO Member (Graduate of Entrepreneurial Master Program (EMP class of 2012)
  • Author and Speaker
  • I’m passionate about Creating your Best Life and Business; Angel Investments that change the world; Inclusiveness, Business Ideas, Strategy, Philosophy, Culture and Travel
Less than half of entrepreneurs with business over $1M feel they are living their ideal life.  Let's change that!
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Freedom has always been a THING for me

I moved between Canada and Germany throughout most of my life. When I was married, my husband and I lived in a very small town and I pushed to get out. I kept saying, “Let’s go, let’s do something different. We can do something that makes us happier.”

Shortly after my second daughter was born, I was able to go back to school on Saturdays to get my translation diploma. The school was about 90 minutes away and I remember feeling so free as I sped down the Autobahn.

I wanted to build a life where I could have as much joy as possible. This was not without its ups and downs, but those are what taught me how to get exactly what I want and what I do not want. I am an eternal optimist and will never allow rough patches and hurdles to keep me from the freedom I desire.

I founded my translation business and it grew swiftly. As it grew, I saw how I could become more tied to the inner workings of the company, but I offboarded myself, bringing on trusted, talented employees and freeing myself to be an involved single mother and to enjoy my life! The business continued to thrive.

The time came when I was ready to move on completely from the company, and I sold my multi-million dollar business in favor of other pursuits. 

I spend my time doing what I love and that is freedom. 

Want some for yourself? CALL ME!

In response to her clients’ needs to open new, global markets and navigate challenging cultural differences in international Leadership Development, Michèle co-founded Alpha Global Experts, a high–touch, boutique consultancy firm with a vast reach of international partners and resources. Alpha Global Experts specializes in Global Leadership Development and Culture for Business, helping companies succeed in international markets, and supporting its clients around the world in all aspects of doing business on a global scale - from market entry to cross-cultural operational integration. 

Over the past three decades of growing her companies, Michèle has lived in Europe and Canada. She loves traveling and has traveled to and done business in over 50 countries in various industry verticals. Her clients included most of the world’s top 100 law firms, international banks and Fortune 500 companies, government agencies as well as SMEs looking for guidance expanding into new markets.

After selling her company, Michèle did not retire to the Italian countryside, as she threatens to do consistently. Instead, she is about to finish writing her book focused on enabling Women Entrepreneurs and CEOs to design and live their best life.  In her Executive Coaching practice, she works with successful entrepreneurs and C-Level executives focused on further developing their leadership and companies while aligning their true purpose to their mission. 

Michèle loves to paint, do standup comedy, travel and is an avid dancer versed in many social dances including Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba. She currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta with her love and has two daughters, one living in Vancouver and working as a Marketing Executive, and the other lives in California with her husband and is a Director at a global Silicon Valley company.

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