Fun & Fearless Leadership 

As a fun and fearless leader, you lead from who you are.  You are bold, choose confidently, do things differently and lead your company beyond the speed of growth!

  • Lead your team with purpose

  • Make quick, confident and powerful choices

  • Strengthen the culture within your company ahead of your growth

  • Empower every member of your team to make independent choices

  • Encourage everyone to become comfortable and  clear with their level of accountability


Fun & Fearless Leadership Coaching with Michèle Hecken

Hi, I'm Michèle Hecken.

As an Executive Coach, I believe that who you are is what you do.
When you squeeze an orange, you will always get orange juice.

The better you are as a leader, the better your company will be!
The more aligned you are with your life purpose, the more fun and fearless your life will be!

My coaching approach focuses on coaching the whole person - in business and in life - so that you can succeed and perform at a higher level personally and professionally with less effort, in a fun and fearless way.

Lead better by leading your best life!

"My job is to create clarity, incite permissions, move you more into alignment with your life purpose and to help you create the fun and fearless life of your dreams - faster than you can do it alone!"

Michèle Hecken, Executive Coach, Author, Entrepreneur

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Download this powerful cheat sheet  so that you can lead with a greater sense of purpose, make quick, confident and powerful choices and empower other members of your team to be fun and fearless leaders making even more confident and independent choices.

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Lead Beyond the Speed of Growth

Every conversation you have sets an expectation for the next conversation. Everything you do sets the tone for your next action. 

How is your emotional wake impacting those around you? Are you leaving people empowered and inspired?

As a fun and fearless leader, you lead confidently from the best version of you. You are bold and purposeful; you do things differently and lead your team and your company confidently beyond the speed of growth. 


Working With Michèle as Your Coach

Executive Coaching Packages

Fun & Fearless Platinum Annual VIP Package

This Executive Coaching Package is designed to give you the space and the tools to continue to lead fearlessly with fun, confidence and purpose. Added VIP focus sessions for strategic work of your choice will sharpen the skills you need to be a leader who stays ahead of the growth curve of your company.

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Fun & Fearless Gold Annual Executive Package

Level up your leadership beyond the growth of your company! Make faster, clearer decisions, take action that really matters, and become a more impactful leader so that you can create your "Flow" into your best Fun & Fearless Life and Leadership!

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Customized Executive Coaching Package

Coaching is a catalyst that accelerates the process of great performance, a journey of personal and professional discovery and enhancement. Let's create what's right for you and your company to reach new heights of business success and personal fulfillment.

Contact me to inquire about Customized Executive Coaching Packages that are just right for you and the needs of your company.

Michèle Hecken Executive Coaching Voted One of the 

Top 20 Executive Coaches in Edmonton


Christy Pierce

CEO, New West Networks Inc.

"The 90 minute visioning was a really valuable exercise – I went through it for the first time with Michèle last week, and then reviewed it on my own this week - and the clarity it brought has already started influencing my decisions."

Sonia Egey-Samu

PFP®, CIM®, FCSI® Retirement Tax & Estate Planning

"Michèle’s coaching has been impactful beyond words. She always asks the right questions to get to the real issue real quickly. I appreciate her clarifying questions and patient, loving approach."

Chelsey Jersak

Principal, MA, RPP, PMP Situate Inc

"Michèle exudes both confidence and compassion, and leaves me feeling inspired after every session with her. Even when I can't define exactly what it is that I'm struggling with, she manages to steer the conversation and arrive at the heart of the matter in a way that's both effortless and deeply insightful. I definitely recommend working with Michele!"

Angela Santiago

CEO, The Little Potato Company Ltd.

"I have known Michèle for many years and have always admired her intuitive and experienced business acumen.  Now paired with her inquisitiveness and desire to help others she is in my opinion well poised to be an amazing coach to other business leaders."

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